A little bit of history

Workspace was founded in 2006 based on two core ideas. Space changes activities, and people are the best experts when it comes to knowing the needs of their own work; that’s why they should be included in design. We still stand by that belief today, and design high-quality and user-oriented spaces that serve the needs of our customers’ companies and adapt over time.

Space changes activities

People are increasingly performing activity-based work and in the future, offices will be more of a setting for collaboration, with design focusing on wellbeing at work and enabling social interaction.

We know from experience that a space can change how we work. Our strategic approach and empathy-based design ensures that the change heads in the right direction. Our projects take both the company’s goals and the staff’s wishes into consideration. We design workplaces that make work easier, that create wellbeing, and that support creativity through experience and versatility. Our work is agile and customer-oriented. Responsibility and sustainable development are at the centre of what we do

Clarity, verification, and ensuring the right direction

It’s important to us that all of the projects we complete are connected to the customer’s goals and strategy. Another premise is that the change must be verified through measurements and modelling. In recent years, we’ve significantly invested in increasing our measurement capacity. We can offer our customers real indicators for factors such as financial impact, the quality of social interaction, or the development of wellbeing.

We make the complicated simple, and support our customers during the project and on a successful journey to change. We complete projects in a wide range of office and service environments.

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