Huld Oy

Huld Oy – An unforgettable first impression


Year of construction: 2020
Staff: 90 hlöä
Location: Keilaniemi, Espoo

Huld is a European technology design house and growth company. When Huld moved its head office to Keilaniemi in Espoo, the new premises were part of a wider change. The space acted as a platform for change and for strengthening the shared culture, as design company RD Velho and software design agency SSF (Space Systems Finland) moved into the shared premises around a year after the companies merged. The shared value base and cultural foundations made it easier to adapt to day-to-day work while the company’s name, brand, and eventually employees’ commutes, also changed.

Inspiring visuals and free-form interaction

Although the culture in the merged companies was harmonious in many areas, the aim was to further strengthen collaboration between the companies. The idea was to create a place in the new office where people could freely bump into one another, and which would also offer the best setting for joint brainstorming sessions with customers. Huld wanted to invest in the experience of arriving at the premises and in leaving a strong impression.

Particular focus was paid to both the appearance and functionality of the lobby. The premise of the design was to provide a place for the team’s shared moments and for customer meetings. We wanted to create a light oasis, where people are inspired and motivated. The lobby was also meant to be a place to relax, to temporarily take your mind off work by playing some ping pong or enjoying the fantastic scenery through the huge windows. The stunning seascape was reflected in the mirrored surfaces in the spaces.

“Huld had a bold and open-minded approach to the use of space. We listened to employees and worked with them to consider how the space could be divided and how furnishing solutions could enable the best possible use of the lobby area.” – Natalia Ritari, designer, Workspace Oy


An office that supports work and wellbeing

The working areas were paced with the placement of small open areas and quiet offices. Separate offices were shown to increase uninterrupted peace and quiet for work, and thereby to support employees’ wellbeing. As a counterbalance to independent work, there are also plenty of opportunities for social interaction and shared moments, not just in the lobby oasis but also in the office areas.

“We designed just the right space solutions to support Huld’s work by combining offices, open space and project areas, plus the heart of the entire office – the lobby, which acts as an activity-based space. – Natalia Ritari, designer, Workspace Oy