Our services

Workplace development and service design

We use workplace development methods to understand the present situation and future state. We design concepts and spaces that support your work culture and align with your strategy and goals. We use service design methods to create solutions in which people enjoy working, things get done, and collaboration is smooth and easy. We will support you on your change journey and our experience will ensure your success.

  • Functional concepts and work environment reports and surveys
  • Space programmes and work environment concepts
  • Workplace vision and design guidelines
  • Collaborative development workshops and staff events
  • Customer journeys, workday descriptions, and design sprints
  • Planning of change management procedures and change-related communications
  • House rules workshops
  • Mechanisms of impact and space efficacy assessments
  • Implementation tools, pilots, and testing

Architectural and interior design

We design spaces that support the desired operating culture and convey the company’s brand. Spaces that are well-designed in collaboration with the customer align with the company’s strategy. Design that is well-communicated and appropriately phased supports the change process. Our approach to work is customer-oriented, and we use agile design methods with the customer’s goals in mind. We bring clarity and certainty to the various phases of the project.

  • Principal and architectural design, Interior design
  • Needs assessments, permit applications and 3D modelling
  • Various spatial, visual, and service concepts
  • Various spaces for service and work areas
  • Furnishing, lighting, colour and material specifications
  • Acoustic solutions, signage, and brand elements
  • Prototypes, model spaces and pilot spaces
  • Tendering, supervision, and project management

Measuring change and impact

In order to be able to anticipate, monitor and verify the impact of development, progress should be measured and results should be analysed. Workspace studies, develops, and offers functional methods for measuring change and impact, and for developing a culture of interaction.

  • Simulations and analyses
  • Setting change indicators
  • Assessing the impact of changes to a space and workplace
  • System modelling
  • Analysis of culture of interaction
  • Interaction survey
  • Setting indicators for interaction-related behaviour
  • Impact analysis