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A fresh and harmonious atmosphere, as well as the fresh air of the forest, welcome you to Naava’s new office. Naava moved to new premises at the refurbished Maria Hospital in February. Hospital beds were replaced by desks and the space was transformed into a modern office that enhances health and performance.

The design was based on the WELL standard developed by Delos, Naava’s partner in the US, which helps transform indoor environments into a natural environment for people. We are all children of nature, after all. The WELL standard is a comprehensive guideline for the design of health-enhancing buildings and premises, and it is also possible to adopt it on a smaller scale. Delos was looking for a green wall with air-purifying qualities to comply with the standard, and they found Naava.
An environment that imitates nature is good for both physical and mental health, and it enhances performance. These factors all have a significant impact on well-being and happiness at work. This is something that we at Naava want to promote.

Inspiration for this space blew in from the Nordic forests that have greatly influenced the Naava brand. Cool Scandinavian colours have a calming effect and they reflect our nature: the green forests, the snow and the solid grey rocks. Of course, the freshest element in the Naava showroom and office is the air. It brings in the natural world in a unique way. We really opened up a space that used to be dark, low and divided into compartments. As the walls came down, we were able to better enjoy the natural light. Other lighting solutions were also inspired by nature. The simple subdued lighting fixtures in the conference rooms resemble icicles.

Openness is one of the key values of the Naava organisational culture and is also evident on the premises. The walls between the conference rooms and the office comprise glass from floor to ceiling. In terms of acoustics, this created challenges. However, our solution was to use curtains and beard lichen (“naava” in Finnish). This makes the space calm and absorbs sound. There are also areas for quiet work. The soundproof booths were designed by Taiga Concept, a Finnish company that also celebrates the forests of the north through its solutions. The booths are like tiny cabins that invite you in to enjoy the silence, in the traditional Finnish way.

Naava Brand Manager, Eeva Niemelä, was responsible for the new premises. Eeva is in charge of the Naava brand, so it was only natural that she would lead the design project. “Even the smallest details represent Naava and our values: nature, health and caring”, says Eeva. “The whole project was groundbreaking. In fact, there are currently no other offices like this in the world. We thought a great deal about biophilia, or the love of, and longing for, the natural world, and we tried to create a workspace with an environment that is natural to us. Our special features include low-emission materials and the strategic positioning of the beard lichen, which means that the whole space can enjoy clean Nordic forest air”, says Eeva.