Our Services

Our services support you in planning and change management throughout your journey of change. We can fit creativity into Excel, and our solid project management expertise ensures the smooth running of your project.


Development of working environments

The development of a working environment is an inclusive design process that always starts with the organisation’s operations, everyday needs, and long-term goals. Are you looking to generate savings, do your operations need a boost, or do you wish it was easier to interact and create ideas together? We can help you with the concept of your new working environment.

Working environment surveys
Interaction questionnaires
Facility plans
Participatory workshops
Design sprints
Working environment concepts

Functional concepts

An operational concept is the basis of a successful renewal process, it harmonises activities and facilitates the implementation and management of change. Functional concepts bring together the policies and solutions derived from the objectives of an organisation. As our client, you will benefit from our solid expertise and experience in creating both nationwide and global concepts.

Impact mechanisms
Space utilisation estimates
Visions of working environments
Design guidelines
Implementation tools
Overall concepts
Simulations and analyses



Participatory interior design

A comfortable space looks inspiring and its operations are carefully considered. A well-designed space is attractive to employees and leaves visitors with a positive memory. Designing a space is a collaboration, a process that includes user needs in a solution through creative ideas, together.

Needs surveys
Visual concepts
Facility planning
3D and VR modelling
Furniture, lighting, colour and materials specifications
Acoustics solutions
Signage and brand elements



Service design

Service design is a participatory activity based on empathy. Solutions are rapidly developed through creative ideas and with focus on the user. Understanding the key elements of good customer and employee experience enables us, together, to create solutions that actually work.

Customer workshops
Design sprints
Prototypes and model spaces
Piloting and testing
Draft designs
Service concepts



Change management services

Modernising practices is a time-consuming process and its success depends on the level of employee participation. Space is a tangible tool for modernising business cultures and practices. The best results are achieved when the development of the working environment, the design of the premises, and the activities that support change form a seamless entity.

Management sparring
General and change coaching
Managerial coaching
Communicating change