By Workspace



You have almost certainly been to a shop that is easy to walk through, with everything organised logically, or to a canteen where you end up moving from one place to another in order to fill your plate. At work, you might be sitting at the intersection of the office corridors, which makes it challenging to concentrate, to say the least. It’s all about functionality!

To build a functional space, you need to take the user’s needs to the planning desk and transform them into a practical solution. Service design is our way of ensuring that, in addition to designing comfortable spaces, we design premises that make working easy and that support business operations. A space must serve the respective goals, rather than forcing people to change them. Well-designed spaces contain no wasted areas, they have improved interaction and a designated place for each activity. In addition, improved employee and customer experiences will be a boost for the entire business.

Service design is based on empathy. The design is based on observations and putting ourselves in the place of the user. We have various ways of gaining an understanding of both the space and the activities. Modelling, experimentation and user testing help us to develop solutions that we find functional, and to quickly abandon unworkable ideas. After adequate testing and brainstorming sessions, we create a model that will take us to the finish line.  We can avoid mistakes and achieve goals quickly through good planning. Working solutions are created together.

If you want to hear how we can design new premises for you in one week, please feel free to contact us!

Tarja Paanola
Sales Director & Service Designer
Workspace Oy