Activity-based office space with community design

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment was keen to try a new working model. The aim was to create an example of a functional activity-based office space for the entire ministry.

The premises were a result of community design. Information was distributed on social media and the operating model was crystallised in an office etiquette that was created jointly. A member of staff, a keen photographer, took landscape photos that form an integral part of the appearance of the premises.

The new activity-based office space means that, if necessary, employees can find a conference room, a telephone lounge and a quiet working space. The workspace has no designated workstations, and one workstation is reserved for guests visiting the ministry to learn about the new way of working.

The acoustic image surfaces, hypoallergenic sound-absorbing flooring and multi-purpose facilities ensure a good working environment for the employees.

The project was carried out in collaboration with Senate Properties.

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