Participatory approach created a happy neighbourhood

Bonava is one of the leading residential building developers in Northern Europe. Until 2016, it was part of the NCC, but is now an independent company. They wanted to detach themselves from the stiff profile of residential construction and instead position themselves as builders of neighborhood communities.

Bonava’s customer promise, “For us, a home is much more than a house in which to live”, was the key starting point for designing the Bonava premises. With our participatory design approach, we created premises that communicate the desired brand image and support the appropriate model for work and customer service, where the customer comes first.

A homey café was wanted at the heart of the office where one could meet others, share experiences and work on common projects. The working café supports the ways of working at Bonava that emphasize cooperation: informal encounters add to the flow of information and boost working. The relaxed environment enhances employee experience and adds to job satisfaction.

The new premises include a sales office where customers are welcomed to dream of their new home. The design of the sales office was based on the idea of energetic, vibrant and sympathetic neighborhoods. Customer-centricity was made more visible; for example, physical catalogues of different surface materials were comprised in order to offer clients a more concrete perception than a photo would allow of what they would look like in a finished home. The space supports cooperation between Bonava and its customers and their shared journey towards a new home. The premises of the sales office is also excellent for organising themed evenings and customer events.

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