Space generates efficiency and well-being

At Finnair, the goal was to improve space utilisation and reduce property costs. Finnair had also planned to modernise its operations, and the company saw the development of the working environment as a key tool for cultural reform. The objectives set for the project were summarised in two main themes: a significant improvement in space utilisation and the cost savings this would generate, and the preservation of competitiveness by reforming its operating culture. In addition, Finnair wanted the premises to conclusively reflect the core themes of its brand identity.

The key elements of the working environment concept at Finnair were defined as follows: appropriate zoning, diverse activity-based office solutions created for different work profiles, and attractive, versatile and well-positioned spaces for meetings and teamwork. In order to make cooperation more efficient, we placed connected operations in one location and developed working environment solutions that promote cooperation.

After the move, the premises decreased by one third in floor area – from 42,000 square metres to 13,000 square metres – generating significant cost savings. Through this, we improved the quality and comfort of the premises significantly.

This new way of working put employees more in charge of their work and the way in which the work flows. Supervisory work also changed: employees are now able to use a small meeting area for confidential discussions. Also, work in the office is now simpler, with employees close to each other and within easy reach.

(suomi) Finnairissa haettiin sen tyyppistä osaajaa, joka ei ole puhdas arkkitehtitoimisto vaan sellainen, joka ymmärtää, miten tilalla voidaan muuttaa työntekemisen tapoja, eli työ- ja toimintakulttuuria. Haimme kumppania moniammatilliseen projektiin, sillä tämä ei ole ollut pelkkä muutto vaan myös muutoshanke, joka ei liity pelkästään tilan visuaaliseen ilmeeseen.

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