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“Workspace helped us create an office that is not only a place of work, but also a part of our identity. We know who to contact when we start planning our next, larger premises.” This is what Mikko Pajulahti from Fourkind commented in early 2018 after moving to their new premises in Merikortteli. It seems unlikely that even he could have foreseen how fast everything changed in just a year: the number of employees of the newly-formed technology and strategy consulting company grew steeply, and, in addition to Finland, two new international offices had been established. In just a year their brand-new Helsinki office had become cramped, so it was time to look for new premises.

Along with the size of the office, other prerequisites that emerged were a central location, ability to convert the premises for different ways of working and acoustical functionality. The greatest challenge, however, was the rush that was amping up the pressure in the background: the new premises needed to be move-in ready as soon as possible. Thus, owing to a quick work pace, it did not take long until seemingly suitable premises were found. In November 2018 the project had already advanced to a complete floor plan when, to everyone’s surprise, the undertaking was withdrawn, and we had to return back to the starting point.

After the occurrence, everything started to come together like magic. A new office space was found from the architecturally beautiful, art deco style WTC building on Keskuskatu. The deal was closed, and the premises were rushed into renovation, which resulted in an attractive and trendy office space. It communicates both internally and externally Fourkind’s professional but youthful image. In the office, a surprising color palate emerged from a playful and bold composition, and there is not a single pure white wall. There are plenty of supporting spaces, such as phone pods, and the convertible hangout space from the previous office was reintroduced: owing to the light and loose furnishing even larger events can be held in the space by utilizing rental chairs. For instance, a 70-people seminar has been successfully held there since the relocation.

The furnishing choices were dictated by the tight schedule. Therefore, it was of utmost importance to carefully select which elements should be invested in. However, we did not want the interior design to be overshadowed by the atmosphere created by the beautiful architecture, so thanks to a tight cooperation with Vitra and Input Interior, we were able to bring in quality materials economically, such as leather. Creative solutions were crafted to the old structures respectfully; for example, bookshelves were placed in old embrasures. The ensemble came together stunningly, creating a unique ambiance to the office which is simultaneously both laid-back and elegant.

In the spring of 2019 the premises were completed and move-in ready.

Check out from here what the former office of Fourkind looks like.


400 m²
WTC-talo Helsinki

Most of the time we work on our clients’ premises but our new flexible space also enables us to bring in clients here, for example to hold workshops.
Besides variance, this is a way of giving our clients a breather from their other daily tasks, allowing them to fully focus on the subject at hand.

Mikko Pajulahti Director, Amsterdam & Partner

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