A media company’s own stage for daily encounters

After many years in a labyrinth-like building in the Punavuori district of Helsinki, Nelonen Media was offered the opportunity to relocate to the heart of Helsinki, to the bright top floor of Sanoma House. The goal was to design new kinds of meeting places and facilities for efficient teamwork.

The need for impromptu meetings surfaced several times during our needs mapping: often the pace of work was so brisk that unscheduled meetings had to be held on the spot. The need for brief meetings was solved by locating colorful booths near the workstations. There you can exchange thoughts completely spontaneously. Windows in the open meeting area overlook the Parliament House. A stage was put in the middle of the workstations where you can climb whenever you have something to share. For relaxation, break rooms where people are not allowed work were brought into the office.

The bold interior design continues all the way to the conference rooms, where colorful graffiti art was used to bring in different types of ambiances. The diverse personality of Nelonen Media wanted to be brought to life already on the bottom floor of Sanomatalo, where we put targeted loudspeakers in front of every radio stations’ recording studios so that every passer-by can hear what goes on at different frequencies.

The daily life of the employees working at the 230 stations became easier in many ways. Now that the brief meetings are directed to their own booths, the workstations remain peaceful and quiet. Now that there is an allocated space to hold even the most abrupt meetings, it also helps finish them faster.

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