Premises to support a unique working culture

The objective of the project was to design NVIDIA premises that encourage spontaneous encounters and active sharing of knowledge and expertise.

NVIDIA was keen to actively involve its employees in creating ideas. Various workshops and communication via Yammer, for example, resulted in a shared vision of what the change could bring and how to achieve it.

Above all, we wanted to create premises that would reflect NVIDIA’s unique corporate culture. For example, we organised a culinary session for our consultant and the people from NVIDIA, as we were working on solutions for the new kitchen. We also held creative design sessions in the empty spaces to gain an idea of what NVIDIA wanted to use the spaces for, and how the finished spaces would look.

We designed a variety of island-like zones for the new working environment. They are a natural place for collaboration and information sharing. A specific manifestation of the corporate culture at NVIDIA is the games room, the “Kallio Studio”, with its professional-level kitchen and sauna facilities. The project also focused on recycling: all old office furniture, and any additional chairs that employees had stored, were restored for reuse.

The new working environment offers a variety of lounge areas that are natural places for collaboration and information sharing. We built quiet areas in the office premises that the employees can use for making conference calls or for quiet work. There are a few reading corners along the corridors that were furnished using the old office furniture.

We also created a variety of conference and meeting rooms that were designed with adaptability and versatility in mind. We introduced NVIDIA’s strong corporate identity to the demo areas, which are used to display products that are constantly being modified and developed.

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