Change from individual offices to a modern activity-based office

In the heart of Helsinki, premises with individual offices in an Art Nouveau building were transformed into an activity-based office. We improved the functionality and look of the premises by combining and expanding the existing space. The interior design was inspired by the period of construction and the history of the building, which was completed in 1909. For example, photographs from the early 1900s were printed on the acoustic wall panels made with peat.

Removing a number of partition walls and opening up the space did justice to the building’s magnificent windows, allowing daylight to penetrate the premises, which had seemed dark before the renovation. Soft and harmonious colours and the design of the furniture create a peaceful atmosphere.

This alteration work has made a significant difference to space utilisation. This allowed operations that were previously split between three different office locations to be combined under one roof. A saving of several hundred thousand euros will be made on annual rental fees. The functionality and look of the premises were designed in a participatory process involving the employees.

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(suomi) Värikäs ja aikaa kestävä Apotin uusi toimisto

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