Workplace wellbeing with classically timeless spaces

The old family company Onvest Oy was divided into two in the beginning of May 2018 and concurrently moved into new office spaces in Vallila. The office that is located at Teollisuuskatu 33 is a part of Onvest’s own real estate in the heart of a constantly developing part of town. All services are available in the modern office building: for tenants to use there are shared lobby services, a restaurant, a meeting center as well as a gym and spa department. Ecology is a priority in the estate of Teollisuuskatu 33; the building utilizes solar power thanks to which they can reduce the consumption of bought electricity.

Onvest wanted to modernize their own office located at the estate. We had already planned other spaces within the building (such as the office for Säästöpankkikeskus) and for that reason they wanted us to renew their own office as well.

To ensure that you can experience the 100-year-old family company’s history right at the entrance, there is a combination of modern tools of working and a timeless interior within the spaces. The ambiance is dignified in the lobby and the further you go in the multifunctional office the cozier and more modern it gets. A lot of effort in the spaces was invested to ensure high quality. Furniture and new tools were utilized to renew conference conventions and to get more ease into encounters. In the convertible workspace there are six workstations that encourage interaction, two conference rooms, silent workspace and an inviting kitchen and café.

Details were pushed very far in the design – such as achieving the correct color scheme with perfect shades and tones. For that reason it was especially rewarding to see how the ensemble was eventually composed and how the client was joyed with the result. There both the functionality and color scheme represent the client’s soft values and the core idea of real estate business at the same time.

This is how Onvest commented on the new spaces: “We at Onvest encourage staff to uphold both physical and mental wellbeing. The current office supports the balance well, since the workspaces are inspiring and the physique can be maintained at the gym.”

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