A fresh and airy design

Together with Senate Properties, we created a nationwide concept and design guidelines for working environments for the Tax Administration. An important part of the project was the planning of a functional and comfortable pilot space to illustrate the new activity-based office environment.

The Tax Administration asked for a semi-open conference area for its new premises. The lounge we designed offers opportunities for both casual meetings and for working together with colleagues. A glass wall separates the space from the workstation area, where we designed quiet areas for tasks that require concentration.

Feedback from the users has been positive: “It’s great to come to work in the morning. The new working environment has brought structure to the working day. We don’t always have to hold a meeting; we can just deal with things on the go. And, in just one month, we have got to know our colleagues better”.

As the Tax Administration complies with the Green Office concept, we paid particular attention in our design to the ecology of the furnishings and interior materials.

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