A carefully customized space that takes everyone’s individual needs into account

SAK moved to Hakaniemi into a new office space in the spring of 2018. They were hoping to have a space that would support the most critical areas of their work, such as negotiations and cooperation, as well as embody the renewed brand. Concurrently, they wanted to look after the safety and comfort of the work environment.

The spaces were divided into two zones according to their functionality. In the first floor, there are meeting and media rooms that are buzzing with life. The intense graphic brand expression of SAK functioned as the base of the implemented color and pattern scheme which was softened to be more decorative. It ties the spaces together, because the same elements are replicated all the way from the glass wall partitions to the reception counter. A prominent criterion for the furniture choices was domesticity. As the spokespeople for Finnish work, SAK wanted the majority of the furniture in the spaces to be from small Finnish manufacturers and carpenters. Along high-class products, they brought a homey general atmosphere to the spaces.

The second floor has been preserved for internal work and, among others, you can find a cozy winter garden café from there. SAK’s beautiful glass roofed courtyard served as the inspiration for the space, and its visual appearance was extended to the café. The green, glass surfaced concept flooding with light slightly resembles the Winter Garden in Töölö, after which it was also named. The café immediately became the heart of the office where you both rendezvous and relax. Presentation equipment was also brought in for staff meetings as well as working café furnishing. The home-like atmosphere is obtained from the combination of the kitchen and the soft furniture.

The convertibility of the spaces has been broadly taken into account in the planning process. The lobby spaces for the meeting center as well as the meeting center and café convert to different uses according to your needs. The rooms open and close partially or completely with movable walls and curtains. Furthermore, the lighting and furnishing has also been designed as convertible: the functionality and ambiance change along with the parts. In the spaces, there are often held several cooccurring meetings – at times even Parliament meetings that interest the media. If needed, the media representatives can be offered work spaces from the meeting center. At the core of a positive visitor experience is the functionality of the meeting and media events and especially the seamless operation of the AV and information technology in different meeting, cooperation and info situations. The big multifunctional space can also be transformed into a lecture or festive space.

Even though SAK did not want to completely transform their working from a workroom culture into a multifunctional office, with the renewed spaces they are able to get the most critical parts from both: the staff still have their own workstations, but now also have versatile meeting spots. Moreover, the spaces now reflect better their everyday working needs, as the number of meeting rooms was multiplied and their functionality has been carefully looked after – all the way from catering services.


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