Multicolored premises that communicate the company’s service portfolio

The Sanoma Group’s parent company, Sanoma Corporation, decided to centralize its operations and move group services from its Ludviginkatu office to Sanoma House, closer to its business operations. Before the move, the second floor of Sanoma House had a gray and white color scheme, dim lighting and nothing but table lamps.

We designed a conference center for group services and workspaces. The premises reflect the company’s service portfolio: multiple media platforms and learning. The colorful and bold interior design took inspiration from Sanoma’s own brand, and especially the renewed logo where bright-colored squares interact in different orders.

The client had a wish that the lobby spaces would communicate the entire corporation’s service portfolio from multichannel media to learning solutions. You can find both traditional daily newspapers and magazines as well as electronic media; now it is clear as soon as you step inside that Sanoma is indeed a media house. The space was planned so that it encourages visitors to stop, sit down and get to know the services that the company offers.

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