From a ragged root vegetable warehouse to a mobile activity-based office

The headquarters for Senate Properties is located in Lintulahti, in a former root vegetable and grain warehouse. Originally it was a very traditional open office, where everyone had named workstations, but there was a shortage of supporting spaces. The main objective thus became converting the office into a mobile activity-based office environment.

The building’s main lobby was transformed into an active meeting area. New furnishings were used to create a more diverse space. We made a large hole in the concrete wall in the lobby and transformed the area behind the wall into an open working space. The conference rooms got their inspiration from the original use of the building. Rooms named after different root vegetables have their own fun, painting-like acoustic surfaces with a picture of a said vegetable that were subcontracted with a graphic designer. They bring personality into the spaces and good topics for discussion.

The concrete structures with high ceilings originating from the warehouse ages wanted to be left as untouched as possible. For example, the mushroom-shaped columns were left untouched to bring in raggedness and ambiance. The roofs wanted be left untouched, too, so the ventilation appliances were put on the floors instead of opting for the more common ceiling solution. Because of so much of the original factory structures were left bare, it became increasingly important to soften the acoustics with textiles and acoustic surfaces.

The layout of the Senate Properties’ two meeting centers transformed completely in the renewal of the spaces. The number of smaller conference rooms was significantly increased and some of the rooms were divided with movable walls. While Senate Properties was boosting its office’s space utilization, the staff restaurant was also improved. The service lines were made more functional and faster for the increased number of staff of the house, and the number of client spots was increased.

Workspace and Senate Properties are in a framework agreement for the development of working environments for government agencies.

(suomi) Näytämme omalla esimerkillämme muille valtionhallinnon virastoille, kuinka neliöt hyödynnetään hyvin ja miten työtä voidaan tukea tiloilla siten, että ihmiset motivoituvat, tekevät työtä tehokkaasti ja jakavat aktiivisesti tietoa toisilleen. Monitilaympäristö tukee nykyisin yhä tärkeämpää tiimityötä. Meillä on erilaisia tiloja eri työtilanteisiin, tilankäytön pelisäännöt ja etätyömahdollisuus.

Jorma Heinonen (suomi) Toimialajohtaja, toimistot

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