A more diverse ensemble with fewer square meters

There was an astounding amount of space in Finnish Academy’s former office – more specifically, over 40 square meters per employee. Simply for energy efficiency’s sake it was more rational to find a new office space that would enable tighter space utilization. In addition, the old premises did not communicate the desired image of modernity and innovativeness.

In the beginning of planning it was clear to us that there was still a great need for private workrooms, so instead of opting for a multifunctional office, private rooms were kept for the majority of the staff and only a few shared workspaces were added. Cooperation was enhanced with interesting shared areas, such as a library, and with cozy working cafés.

We divided the premises into a semi-public and a private zone. The semi-public zone gives customers the image of an active and modern scientific organization. For the private zone, we designed a working environment that enhances internal flow of information, inter-departmental cooperation, and knowledge sharing. In the heart of the office is a meeting place and library for employees. The café has a fantastic view of the city, from which we picked designated colors for the interior design. The workrooms largely utilized pre-existing furniture, but they were made a bit more interesting by bringing in a unique, vibrantly upholstered chair for client meetings.

With the new office space, the space utilization of Finnish Academy got optimized significantly. It led away from wasted space and towards a clearer floor plan as well as cost savings, as they were able to get more diverse premises with fewer square meters.

The project was carried out in collaboration with Senate Properties.

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