A unique result that says something about the history of the Union

When the Union of Journalists in Finland was planning to move to new premises, it wanted to find attractive premises that reflected the union’s purpose. One of the starting points was the existing pieces of furniture: how could we incorporate them with the new furniture?

We gave the old pieces of furniture a makeover with new upholstery and a lick of paint to make them fit into the new premises. For example, we gave the traditional beechwood office cabinets a new life with wallpaper. The new premises of the Union of Journalists in Finland were designed based on the theme of newspapers and magazines. We also used them in the interior decoration of the conference rooms. The old furniture in the lobby area was restored and updated to match the company’s brand: old beechwood furniture was covered with old newspapers and the sofas were re-upholstered to match the new colour scheme. We used the doors from the original premises to make tables for the break room. We also designed a cosy library corner for the break room using old, baroque-style armchairs as the focal point. The new conference facilities comprise two different sized spaces. We designed a movable wall for this space, so that it is possible to divide the space into two smaller rooms.

The end result is unique and functional; premises that reflect the history of the Union.


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