Inspiring premises in the healthcare industry

Terveystalo wanted to offer its employees and stakeholders a new, modern meeting place.

We designed the Piazza, a place for exchanging ideas, sharing information and finding inspiration. The look of the space was to follow precise brand guidelines. The 800 square metre space comprises three parts: an open meeting area, conference rooms and workspaces. The electronic Virtual Piazza also provides a link to all 150 Terveystalo locations.

The lobby serves as a café and lounge for the employees. It contains different seating areas and quiet spaces where employees can also work.

The conference rooms were designed for learning, brainstorming and decision-making. The spaces are adaptable, and each space has its own individual identity.

Group services and customer service are close to each other, encouraging interaction and promoting business development.

The new space solution supports the open organisational culture of Terveystalo and is a good example of how spaces can provide inspiration, even in more conservative sectors.

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