Towards a unified organisational culture

Sanoma ICT

Sanoma is Europe’s leading media company focused on consumer media and learning. The company decided to merge the IT units of its various companies in Finland. The aim was to reduce the silo effect, promote a focus on business operations, become more agile, and create a unified organisational culture for the new operating unit. The new unit, housing 200 employees, was located on two floors at Sanomala in Vantaa.

Built in the 1970s, the premises at Sanomala had become outdated. Our task was to design new premises that would be inspiring, colourful and comfortable. We were also asked to create premises that encourage co-operation and the sharing of ideas, while providing space for work that requires concentration.

The employees are happy with the change. The premises are no longer grey and dull, and everyone can find a suitable place for their day’s tasks. The new premises were enthusiastically received and marked the beginning of a new, common organisational culture.


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