Casual spaces that create synergy and collaboration between teams

Right upon the first step into Svea’s office one could notice that the company known for its laid-back and funny marketing had an identical organizational culture, too. The initial impression of operations at Svea was that there was minimal synergy of common interfaces between units. When we looked into the issue a bit more, we discovered that the situation was more complex. The units could, in fact, potentially have a lot in common with regards to developing new service products and improved customer service.

As a result, our objective was to create premises that would increase cooperation, improve the distribution of information and promote well-being at work, but also premises that would reflect the company’s unique organizational culture. The key solution was to transform the office from labyrinth-like spaces covering multiple floors into a single floor, horizontal space. The central thought regarding encouraging cooperation was to create encounters around good drinks. Smoothie bar had already become a part of Svea’s working culture, but now it was made bigger and more central. Additionally, a brand new espresso machine was put in the break room to encourage the crowd to chat over coffee. By the beautiful view was located a Cigar Club only for internal use where you can meet others. Similar edge was brought into the spaces as what the brand itself has.

We streamlined our design process and our dynamic team completed the project in record time. We were able to significantly increase the number of daily encounters by bringing all of Svea’s employees close to one another.

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