Pioneer in the development of working environments

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is engaged in the long-term development of its working environment. THL was established in 2009, following a merger between the Public Health Institute (KTL) and the National Research and Development Centre for Health and Welfare (Stakes). Their operations were centralised at the Tilkanmäki campus. Since this time, the Institute has been developing its premises, and the projects have expanded to encompass the development of the operating methods, the operating culture and an electronic working environment. A recent example of new operating methods is the deployment of an Empathic Building system based on digital sensor and internet technology, and which generates space utilisation information. The implementation of the system was first piloted on the Tilkanmäki campus.

Over the past two years, THL has prepared itself for working on mobile campuses. Last year, the first units moved to communal office premises, and by the end of 2018, the entire campus, comprising more than 800 people, will have adopted the new way of working. The next phase, 2019–2020, will involve inviting partners from other organisations and agencies to also work at Tilkanmäki. THL anticipates that it will further increase communal work both within the organisation and with its partners. An open and dynamic working environment helps THL succeed in its strategic role of increasing health and well-being in Finland.

THL has developed its working environment in collaboration with experts form Senate Properties and Workspace. The atmosphere at work has been open, enthusiastic and inspiring. Employees have been heavily involved in creating new ideas and practices; this has allowed us to transform even the most critical views into new solutions. At THL, this work has been the responsibility of the development team entitled Our Working Environment 2020 and has been led by Service Director, Mikko Nissinen.


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