Viking huts bring in comfort, space efficiency and more meaningful functionality

Workspace developed a new space concept for Finnish Defense Forces together with Senaatti-kiinteistöt. Upinniemi will be the first one to get the new garrison.

The user-centric concept for space began with a comprehensive mapping. Simultaneously, a tool was created. It allows one to get data on a single space’s requirements by feeding in the number of staff members and conscripts. The functionality of the concept was exhaustively validated with the help of specialists from various fields, simulations, and by including staff and conscripts from Finnish Defense Forces in the planning process.

The thought of viking huts emerged right at the start to guide the planning.

“Bringing the entire group together, placing common activities in the center of the space, and leaving the edges for free and private activities are some of the communal features that, at the time, constituted viking huts. They are practical starting points for designing garrisons even today,” is how the interior designer Martta Suurpää explains the backgrounds of the concept.

“These were the baselines that we reflected based on the experience that we have accumulated from over a thousand different projects regarding the space requirements for modern ways of working. Owing to the knowhow of our excellent partners, in this project we simulated 800 different garrisons’ weekly agendas, analyzed the logistic streams in the spaces and ensured flexibility in space usage through multifunctional design. The same space can be used for studying, spending time together and even resting,” says Pasi Kaitila, the working environment development consultant from Workspace who was in charge of the concept work.

Generally speaking, space concepts cover not only physical, but virtual and social dimensions, too. Here the spaces were considered from three different levels: how the garrison functions as an entity and where the different functions should be placed, how many and what kinds of spaces are needed in the building, and how an individual space works.

The concept supports and standardizes the more focused design of individual sites. The first time the concept will be applied is in Upinniemi.

There have been lots of news regarding the new space concept on Finnish media. Read more about it from the links.

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For more information, contact Workspace:

Pasi Kaitila, 050 305 5821
Tarja Paanola, 050 376 1269

For this project, on top of our own knowhow, Workspace brought in the capabilities of its partners Delfoi (Vesa Paju) and Melkior (Juha Eskelinen).

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