Increased interaction and new ways of working

The National Audit Office of Finland (NAOF) audits central government finances, evaluates fiscal policy, and monitors political party and election campaign funding. It acts as the primary external auditor in connection with Parliament.

With the NAOF’s lease on its traditional premises, comprising individual offices, about to terminate, the NAOF set itself a goal of acquiring new premises that are modern, adaptable and lasting.

The NAOF also wanted to use the opportunity provided by the move to new premises to modernise its ways of working and develop a more flexible and interactive operational culture that encourages collaboration.


Erinomainen osaaminen hankkeen eri osa-alueilla ja lämminhenkinen vuorovaikutus sekä vaikuttamistaidot auttoivat hankkeen toteuttamisessa niin johtoa kuin koko henkilökuntaa.

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