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The Ministry of the Environment moved to renovated premises at Aleksanterinkatu 7 in central Helsinki. The renovation transformed the listed building, with its maze-like floorplan, into a bright and modern working environment, where the old and the new come together gracefully. The primary theme of the renovation was energy-efficient premises. This was the Ministry’s way of reflecting its commitment to reducing its ecological footprint. Other key objectives were to improve space utilisation and create premises that support new ways of working. The Ministry’s office premises now mainly comprise an activity-based office with workstations in an open work area and facilities for quiet work and conferences close by. We paid particular attention to creating a light and comfortable workspace with good acoustics. Since the transition from individual offices to a working environment in an activity-based office was a major change, it was particularly important to involve the employees in the design process to ensure that their needs were met at all stages.

Our interior design focused on durability and ecology. The various branches of the Ministry of the Environment provided plenty of inspiration for the themes of our interior design and the choice of colours and materials. We worked in close cooperation with the head designer in selecting the colours and materials for the former main banking hall and other premises in the listed part of the building. In line with the Ministry’s policy, we gave the principles of sustainable development and ecology careful consideration in our design solution. The Ministry owned a variety of classic pieces of furniture from different periods including Aalto, Kukkapuro, Tapiovaara and Billnäs. We used this classic furniture in the communal areas, lobbies, conference rooms and the staff café on the top floor. We also gave the break rooms on each floor a theme according to the furniture periods. Some pieces of furniture were upholstered and renovated as required.

The project was carried out in collaboration with experts from Senate Properties.

There is a more extensive description of the project on the Project news page: New premises for the Ministry of the Environment.