Urheilu Mehiläinen

Designing a customer experience for top athletes


Customer: Urheilu Mehiläinen
Year: 2020

Mehiläinen has renewed its brand and developed its services by target group in customer-oriented to create Children’s Mehiläinen and Sports Mehiläinen, among others. It has become an important objective to understand how different target groups relate to doctor’s appointments, as well as their needs and the expectations they have of the service.

Workspace was involved in designing both concepts. In addition to a concept that could be applied to sites of various sizes and appearances, we also designed the space at Sports Mehiläinen’s Töölö clinic. The Töölö clinic was also a pilot for the wider concept, where solutions could be tested before the concept was fully refined.

“To us, everyone is a top athlete” is the philosophy behind Sports Mehiläinen, and it really drives home the approach that everyone is treated to the same high standard. Dynamic, flexible and versatile spaces were designed to prevent, treat and rehabilitate injuries suffered by professional athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.


Multiprofessional expertise in a dynamic environment

In addition to the space, the project also focused on developing operations, a process that was honed in workshops attended by Sports Mehiläinen’s leading specialists. Making everyday life easier, flexibility, and a high-quality customer experience were the primary themes in the design of the reception rooms and physiotherapy spaces in particular. Leading doctors and physiotherapists who have long worked in the industry played an important role, and saw the customer’s wellbeing as a top priority. The desire to help, anticipate and care for the customer was concretised in operations and spaces, and the decision was made to buck tradition. For example, individual rooms for doctors were no longer designed, and the use of the physiotherapy spaces was made more effective with new operating methods.


A duplicable concept that adds clear brand visibility

In the project, all solutions were carefully examined to ensure that they could be implemented in a valuable listed building just as easily as in a shopping centre – regardless of the size of the space. The concept helped to make spaces at different clinics uniform and brand-conforming. It also makes it easier for the customer to implement different sites with different contractors. The final concept was compiled into a concept manual containing justifications for various choices, illustrative visualisation images, and material and furniture choices.


Clear and energising spaces

The inviting spaces attract leading doctors as well as athletes and customers. The space was made clear, dynamic and energising through cost-effective choices in all surface materials and furniture. Investments were made into the general lighting in the spaces and streamlined strip lighting guides access routes. White, various greens, and strong contrasts were favoured in the choice of materials and colour palette. The general appearance of the space is light, with certain elements highlighted in dark shades. The “instagrammability” of all the surfaces was considered, and the diagonal pattern that is part of the brand’s identity was implemented in the doctors’ consulting rooms. The most important thing when designing the space was to consider the functionality of the space and ensure that the space feels easily approachable – for everyone!

“We carried out work in very varied environments and it’s been fantastic to learn more about high-performance sports from this perspective. Our shared project with Mehiläinen was also a peak performance, with wonderfully refreshing and dynamic collaboration,” says Nunnu Kotilainen, who was responsible for design, on behalf of the entire Workspace team.

For more information, please contact: Nunnu Kotilainen, nunnu.kotilainen(at)workspace.fi / tel. +358405240869

Photos: Esa Kapila

The concept strengthens the Sports Mehiläinen brand, and our operations have also become more efficient has a result of the modernisation. The carefully documented concept means that we can easily implement the concept in different locations.
- Mirella Rosenqvist | Marketing Manager, Mehiläinen Oy