designing WORK+SPACE

We’re a work-loving design agency. We create spaces where people feel good, operating models that support goals, and concepts that correspond to the demands of a changing world. We believe in the power of interaction as the driving force behind successful work and wellbeing.


We are trailblazers in modernising work and spaces. We completed our first participatory workplace design project back in 2006. Our extensive experience provides us with a sound base from which to make new inroads, look to the future, and challenge entrenched operating methods.

We create effective solutions that promote the desired work culture and link people’s activities with the workplace.

Our latest projects

Kohtaamisia ja valon leikkiä näyttävässä loft-toimistossa

WeAre Solutions Oy

Enemmän yhdessä tekemistä, vähemmän energiaa kuluttavia neliöitä

Business Helsinki

Luonnon ajatonta kauneutta tilassa ja brändi-ilmeessä


Work is changing - we can help

We use workplace development and service design methods to find solutions to make work easier.

Through careful user-oriented planning, we create spaces that support change and communicate the company’s identity.

Change can be measured. We don’t just trust our gut; we investigate and understand how effective development work can really be.

News and inspiration


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