designing WORK+SPACE

Workspace is making multilocational work manageable by combining data, design, and people to create value-creating interactions.

We believe work is about interaction between people who need each other, and value is created in these interactions.


Our mission is to enable more value-creating interactions. It makes us investigate questions like what value is and to whom, how it is measured and how we can validate the linkage between quality of interactions and business performance.

We provide

  • impact analytics
  • concepts & consultancy
  • design services

to enhance organizational interaction, collaboration, employee wellbeing, and motivation. Our goal is to improve business performance in terms of both short-term productivity and long-term competitive capability through learning and innovation. We are happy to do this from a leading market position with great clients and with a team of diverse professionals & partners.

Our latest projects

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Luonnon ajatonta kauneutta tilassa ja brändi-ilmeessä


Work is changing - we can help

We use workplace development and service design methods to find solutions to make work easier.

Through careful user-oriented planning, we create spaces that support change and communicate the company’s identity.

Change can be measured. We don’t just trust our gut; we investigate and understand how effective development work can really be.