A space to support a comprehensive range of services


Year: 2018
Location: Helsinki
Surface area: 770 m²
Staff: 100

In spring 2019, we designed spaces for Staples that would support their business operations and, with minor investments, create an effective and attractive whole. Below is Staples’ Kirsi Utti’s experience of a project managed by the customer itself:


”I did the project management – and it cost us!”


“We began to modify our office in a hurry and put out a call for tenders to design companies, one of which was Workspace.

Workspace offered a comprehensive solution that included project management and a process for staff commitment.

At that point, we decided to save money and decided to go for the cheaper option of having an architecture office carry out spatial design. After a sticky start, we decided instead to continue the design with Workspace, who took a modern approach, and we haven’t regretted our choice for a second. The spaces were designed quickly and in an agile way to correspond to exactly what we wanted – or actually, the result was even better than we could have imagined. Workspace was able to interpret our needs and designed our spaces to be modern, fresh, and above all, functional.

I do, however, regret not purchasing the entire service package from Workspace. I ended up managing all aspects of the project myself, organising staff events, participating in site meetings, and discussing the most complicated things with various people, and all of this would have been in a day’s work for Workspace. We didn’t save at all; quite the opposite!

If I ever have to modify another space, I would buy the whole package from Workspace in the blink of an eye to save time and money, and to guarantee a successful project while I get on with my own “real” work,”

Kirsi Utti, HR Director, Staples Finland.