Turku Energia

Smart building full of light!


Location: Turku
Year: 2018-2022
Personnel: 160
Size: 3000 m2
Photographer: Wellu Hämäläinen

Turku Energia underwent a major renovation project that updated both the company’s way of working and facilities. In early 2022, the company moved to the InfraCity building in Turku after close cooperation with Workspace over several years.

Workspace started working with Turku Energia in a situation where the city had decided to change the use of the then-headquarters’ lot. The move was ahead, but everything else was open. The team started by analyzing the scenarios and considering the organization’s future prospects and goals with key personnel. The focus was on creating a functional space that allowed for cross-organizational collaboration, supported work processes, prioritized the well-being of employees, and also served customers.

For the customer-focused operation, it was considered important to bring the different units closer to each other, out of their silos. The work was wanted to be made more agile and transparent. At this point, different units’ operations and work processes were studied. A functional space solution was created through an interactive model that involves different organizational levels, offering unlimited opportunities to use different spaces, enabling work across organizational boundaries and taking into account the requirements of work processes.

“The new Turku Energia premises can be described as energetic, positive and versatile. The high-quality architecture of the building provided a strong foundation for interior design, resulting in a functional and modern space that supports internal cooperation and interaction.”

– Nunnu Kotilainen, Interior Designer, Workspace


The bright spaces are designed with fresh colors and intense imagery, while different floor colors reflect their respective activities. Energizing orange found its home in an area that supports interaction, and customer spaces were colored with green that conveys renewable energy.

“Our goal was to get modern, energy-efficient, and versatile work premises, and we are very satisfied with the outcome. The new work premises meet our changed work pattern with versatile space solutions, support internal collaboration, and strengthen interaction.”

– Timo Honkanen, CEO, Turku Energia


InfraCity is a smart building that embodies sustainable development, with a 4000m2 multi-space office that offers various work environments. The space-efficient design includes quiet spaces, versatile workspaces divided into different zones, comfortable lobby spaces, an inviting restaurant terrace, and modern meeting rooms that support hybrid events.