Youthful premises supporting growth

Trevian Asset Management required more space to house its rapidly growing operations. It found new premises on the top floor above its existing premises. As Trevian Asset Management predicts continuous growth in the future, we designed the new premises to be an efficient activity-based office space with no designated workstations.

Trevian is popular with visitors, and conference rooms take up a large proportion of the premises. The premises have an elegant but youthful look, in line with the company spirit. The bright lobby area is inviting and fresh. The colour scheme is based on various shades of grey, accented by colourful pieces of furniture. The comfortable seating area in the café and carefully selected details make for a soothing and serene setting in an otherwise hectic office environment.

Trevian opted to have no designated workstations and more mobile ways of working. “We assessed the need for fixed workstations with regard to our work and mobility. When we got going, we noted a considerable increase in mobility in our office and people are actively changing places to suit the nature of their work”, says Nicole Innocenti, who managed the change project. The decision to abandon designated workstations has also made the working environment more peaceful, as people can find quiet areas and move to separate areas for meetings and phone calls.


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